Events You Should Participate in Kingwood TX


Are you newly moved to Kingwood, Texas? Or are you simply planning a trip there this year and was checking what dates would coincide with an event? Either way, you are on the right track because you can know here events that could serve as your point of reference in scheduling a trip to this community.


Kingwood is a master-planned community you can find in the State of Texas. This community is partly situated in the Harris County, and partly at Montgomery County. Compared to the former county, the latter has a relatively smaller portion of the community. However, it is the largest master-planned community that could be found in the Harris County. What is good about this community is that the people who live here are very diverse with the non-Hispanic whites making the majority of the racial makeup here. But there are also blacks, Asians, Native Americans and Hispanics who live here. Being a community, Kingwood is composed of many villages and is where the largest private club in Houston is located – the ClubCorp’s Kingwood Country Club. It is also known to be among the largest in the world.


Kingwood has many attractions and recreational area in its midst. Such are enjoyed by many people who come to visit this place all year round. But another thing people look forward to when they visit this place is the events celebrated here regularly.


This community celebrates Mardi Gras wherein there is a celebration of life preceding the Lenten Season. Different towns and cities celebrate this in various ways. But in Kingwood, there is a parade you should be excited about. There is also a vendor fair wherein a variety of products are being sold, arts and crafts are usually a default, and they have lots of choices for food too. Of course, live music should not be forgotten in this type of an event.


Like almost every place in all corners of the United States, Kingwood also celebrates the Fourth of July. Like the Mardi Gras festival, this event would create a festive mood out of you no matter what mood you are currently in. Fireworks usually end this event but there is also a parade which is joined by some schools in Kingwood. What more is that there are concerts that give entertainment to the crowd during this day and lots and lots of food choices that would satisfy your hungry stomach.


Are you a car enthusiast? Then might as well book a trip to Kingwood in April or October. During this time is when car shows are being hosted by this community. Several hundreds of participants come here during those time to showcase their automobiles. You’d be amazed at what they are able to accomplish by customizing their vehicles. This is usually held at the Town Center Park.


These are just three of the events that regularly take place in Kingwood. You can schedule a trip to coincide with these events so that you can maximize your time while you are here.